Dan Compton

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Photos of the instrument

Instrument Details

Instrument number: 31

Year on label: 2020

Scroll: Lion's head

Tailpiece: Maple with heart cut-out


String Preference for YourNameHere

C: Chorda viola C 22
G: Eudoxa G 15.25
D: Eudoxa D 16.25
A: Eudoxa A 13.25
E: Pirastro Gold thin

Biographical details

Home Town: Portland, OR USA

Website: [1]

Bow: Transitional bow by Michael Yeats


Tunings used by Dan Compton

DADAE name of tune
name of tune
DGDGD name of tune
name of tune
name of tune
name of tune
DGDAE name of tune
name of tune
name of tune

Discography on which this instrument features