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Laghdú is a recording by Dan Trueman and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh released in 2014.

It contains 11 tracks, all of which feature the hardanger d'Amore. Most tracks feature two hardanger d'amore's, while the remainder use one hardanger d'amore along with one hardanger fiddle.


As described on the album's website:[1]

Laghdú, the title of this album by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman, translates as a lessening, a decrease, a reduction.

The music they have written stretches and abstracts the DNA of Norwegian and Irish fiddling; the result is something new, sparse and stunning. It ranges from the near-silent to the nigh-on orchestral, at times exploding joyously from their two beautiful hybrid 10-string fiddles, at times barely there, holding time still.


The album was recorded at the Taplin Auditorium in Princeton University by Andrés Villalta.


The album package was designed by Rossi Mac Auley of Distinctive Repetition, a graphic design company in Dublin, Ireland. The lines on the package represent the 20 strings of the two hardanger d'amore fiddle, with 10 going in one direction, 10 going in another direction. There are also a further twenty 'strings' embossed into the paper.


  1. Laghdú 04:35
  2. Gollywhopper 01:52
  3. What What What 04:15
  4. Mausoleum 04:47
  5. The Jack of Diamonds Three 05:33
  6. Tuireamh na n-Iolar 06:00
  7. Folamh 03:27
  8. Leathan le Leathan 03:20
  9. Fead an Iolair 03:59
  10. Caol le Caol 03:43
  11. Aonar 05:32