Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

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Photos of the instrument

Instrument Details

Instrument number: 2

Year on label: 2011

Scroll: Blindfolded Eros Cherub

Tailpiece: Maple with heart cut out

Instrument Details

Instrument number: 36

Year on label: 2022

Scroll: Volute

Tailpiece: Custom shape from 'the Fate of Bones' artwork


C: Chorda silver viola 22
G: Eudoxa G 15.25
D: Eudoxa D 16.25
A: Eudoxa A 13.25
E: Gold Label E thin ball end

Biographical details

Home Town: Dublin, Ireland


Bow: transitional Bow by Michel Jamonneau


DAEAE Fead an Iolair on Vimeo
on RTE via YouTube
DAEAC# What What What
Jack of Diamonds
DADF#E Leathan le Leathan
CAbCGC Tuireamh na n-Iolar
Caol le Caol on Vimeo
Laghdú on Vimeo

Discography on which this instrument features

  • This is How we Fly (2013) with This is How we Fly
  • The Gloaming (2014) with The Gloaming
  • Music for an Elliptical Orbit (2014) Solo
  • Laghdú (2014) with Dan Trueman
  • The Gloaming 2 (2016) with The Gloaming
  • Foreign Fields (2017) with This is How we Fly
  • All Soundings are True (2017) with Garth Knox
  • The Gloaming Live at the NCH (2018) with The Gloaming
  • The Gloaming 3 (2019) with The Gloaming
  • Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett (2019) with Thomas Bartlett
  • the Fate of Bones (2020) with Dan Trueman



Hey there everyone! Can't really imagine ever wanting to go back to playing an ordinary fiddle. This instrument has been an absolute delight to play from the very first moment I picked it up.

I'd really love to hear the music everyone else has been making with their hardanger d'amore's, and maybe learn some tunes other people have written for it. Hopefully this wiki might help make that happen!